Shepherd’s Flock

There are references in many books of the Bible about shepherds, sheep, and flocks. The Old Testament prophets prepare us for the goodness to come in the New Testament. From Genesis to Revelation mankind awaits the realization that we are protected in all we do by the lovingkindness of God. Each one of us is held in God’s hand, even though He is very aware of our many shortcomings.

The Lamb of God, Jesus, went into the wilderness to be closer to God and to meditate on His purpose, gathering his flock, here on earth. For Jesus this was His place of rich and powerful growth in sharing His strength and closeness to God with all humanity. Through Jesus, we leave our own self-made wildernesses to grow in our relationship to both Jesus and God. We need not wait for His lovingkindness; it is already within us.

Through the Love of the Lamb of God, we are sons and daughters of God through the ministry and love of Jesus; this has been and still is God’ pledge of inheritance to us, for we are manifestations of God’s Holy Creation. Each morning when we awaken to God’s new day, we have nothing to fear; we are led out of our own personal wildernesses to honor each of us for our uniqueness. We are all different, but we are all the same in God’s eyes.

Let us forget our sins and troubles of the past and Love each other; we are all a part of our Holy Shepherd’s flock; we are all blessed by God.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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