Church of Contradictions

Sometimes I think that we prefer rituals instead of down to earth mercy from God. Church is not complete without ritual. Some of the rituals and some of the liturgy is filled with fear, especially when reading the Old Testament, which is an integral part of liturgy. Deep within us we know that church is really not fear or trepidation. Church celebrates love, God’s Love. Fear brings with it a lack of trust, and trust is the basis of faith in God, especially in God’s true Love for us.

Love and compassion, combined with Wisdom, is God’s Creation, the order of life we follow. Wisdom is the pathway to God, and when we gather together,

God is with us. This is the promise of Jesus. Church can bring us out of the wilderness that we sometimes live in. Our congregations give us the support we need when we have trouble finding the truth. We search for this on our own, but many times we need the support of others . . . when two or more. . .

Individually or with church we are called to be grateful and trust in the Love of God.

Our church of many contradictions are a blessing we share with our brothers and sisters of faith. God bless us all for our loving congregations.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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