Words of Love, Holy Words

God has created us that we, His children, are made to live a life that does not have to endure the world’s expectations of greed and insincerity. Even though we face many times of trial, we will never be without His holy support. We do not allow ourselves to be affected by those who claim to be holy; only God is holy, only God’s words are holy. And His words are words of Divine Love.

In my meditations this morning, I kept thinking about the Love that Jesus taught; His parables demonstrate salvation, Grace, and compassion. Compassion (Love) is the key to God’s Love and God’s Grace! It is this compassion that we practice when listening to people who do not agree with us or are always complaining. We ignore the bad advice of these false prophets, those who say they know what is best for us. Often, these people are thinking only of themselves. I remind myself that God’s vision is much greater and much more glorious than anything they can offer, or I can imagine. There are no boundaries for God’s Love. We need to be as open, kind and loving as the Good Samaritan.

Prayerfully, my words of love can promote a holy common peace for all.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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