Spiritual Evolution

When I think of spiritual progress, I leave behind the taunts of the material world. My progress is sustainable and encompasses compassion and gentleness. It is only in this way I can achieve spiritual progress and closeness to God. For God is always present as is the Holy Spirit, Wisdom; I merely have to recognize their presence. I have to look at my progress in spiritual terms, because if I just concentrate on the material terms, my progress is at a cost to the planet we all inhabit; this incudes destruction of natural resources, destruction caused by war, and most of all, destruction caused by greed. None of these represent spiritual progress.

As God’s chosen, humanity should dress itself in compassion and humility. Then we can recognize that God is with us, all around us, protecting us from harm and temptation. God asks that we devote ourselves to prayer, remaining watchful and protecting ourselves from the myths of modernism, which are deteriorating all over the earth. When we pray, sometimes a simple thank you is all that is needed; God will recognize our meekness; God will support our spiritual progress. When we focus on the good is us, we get closer to Mother Wisdom and see more of the works of God all over our planet. Mother Wisdom is always present – we just need to open our eyes to Her presence. After I pray, after I listen to God, after I learn from Mother Wisdom, I then experience a deepening closeness to the spiritual side of mankind.

Solomon, in Proverbs, writes that when I listen to God, I experience gladness of happiness throughout my life, and discover God within. I believe that true spiritual evolution brings hope, patience, love, and a sense of deepening prayer within. So, I offer just a simple thank you to God and live my life in His embrace.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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