Watching, waiting! We have just celebrated the birth of Jesus; our waiting is not stilled. We await His presence within; yet it is always there; we do not recognize it. When Jesus is asking us to seek, and knock, it is for a deeper connection with God. It is our connection with God that truly changes us; this is the message Jesus brought. 

Before Jesus rose to be with God, He promised the presence of the Holy Spirit; God’s Holy Spirit (Wisdom) would be with us, Wisdom, the feminine presence of God. We always need help; and what better way than to have Mother God, Wisdom, be present in our lives. It is in our most challenging times of our lives that the Holy Spirit wraps God’s loving arms around us. God’s spirit is in us, a promised comfort for us.

The Holy Spirit helps us to overcome our weakness. We rarely know how we ought to pray, but the Spirit herself intercedes for us through our wordless moaning. We are wise to listen when Wisdom we are wise when we listen for Her words; we are foolish when we ignore them; only the foolish, the proud, ignores Her. The Holy Spirit, Wisdom, leads to our eternal comfort and happiness.

As we celebrate the rebirth of Jesus, let us open our hearts to the eternal presence of God, the Trinity.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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