Listen! There is a knock on the door. Please don’t ignore this. I spent many years avoiding this, this invitation to listen. When I finally opened the door, my life changed so drastically that I could not believe that God blessed me as He did. I changed my path and never looked back.

From the upper room, I read the following and share with you: “When the path is simple, peace. When the way is complicated, peace. May Christ not only show you the way but also be the way you travel the way of blessing, way of peace.”

God sent us Jesus to show us the way. Too often, we ignore this, even when we attend church every week.

This is why I turned to meditation. I have been able to open my mind and heart to listen to the words of God’s messenger for eternal life. In these moments, I expand the room in my life for God to dwell. I am able to live to my strongest calling. I also know that for me to allow the messenger to enter, I must be still. I must create the space within me allowing me to grow spiritually and share this with all whom I meet.

I have no qualms about meeting knew people, inviting them to be my friend, and talking with them about their lives. This is my mission as invited by the messenger. Answer the knock on the door.

It may be the Messenger bringing a new life, or at least a new direction for you to investigate.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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