To exult. . . to rejoice; to celebrate. Another definition is to boast. The word boast is often substituted for the word brag; but boast can also mean to revel, as in revelation. Let us exult in the grand expectations of this divine word. It is Advent, the season of exultation. We await the spiritual rebirth of our Rabbi, Jesus. This is truly of time of celebration and revelation. We are sanctified by the life of Jesus; Jesus. . . whose wisdom was true 2100 years ago, is true today, and will be true for ever.

One of the Beatitudes offers a blessing to the pure in heart. We are these for we do not walk in darkness; we walk on the lighted path Jesus paved for us. God never asks us to walk alone. We have the Holy Spirit as our travelling companion always. We are God’s children and through Jesus our sins are forgiven.

Heavenly Father, we are blessed by your bringing us together, opening the door of righteousness, and inviting us to bring Your wishes to our world, protecting us from the ruin surrounding us. Our lives are sacred by Your Grace. We celebrate and exult the teachings of Your Son and our eternal Rabbi, Jesus.

 © Russell Kendall Carter

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