As I honestly look at our lives on earth, I know that they are not forever. I also know that all of God’s creation is holy and will continue long after we no longer walk the earth. We, however, are the fruits of His creation; we are able to grow spiritually by His Grace. We are patient for we know that God always acts on our behalf, not in our time but in His.

As I grow in wonder of the spiritual rebirth of Jesus, I travel with Mary and Joseph towards Bethlehem, being transformed into wide-eyed, anxious children. What I await is never under a Christmas tree; what I await is the rebirth within us of the Glory of God’s Love, which is everlasting.

I read about John the baptizer giving hope to those lost in their searches for comfort and love. He promises that another will come to baptize them in the Holy Spirit.

As I meditate, awaiting my own transformation, I know my journey will be blessed. I know that my soul is everlasting in God’s Holy Creation.

 © Russell Kendall Carter

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