“Fuge, Tace, Quiesce”

Flight, silence, and peace. This is what Jesus preached when he said to go into your quiet space and pray. When we pray, when we meditate, we must stop the interior dialogue that oppresses our minds. We are bombarded each morning with constant noise, constant voices giving us information, telling us of the murders in our cities. We have to get away from this static and bury ourselves in the mind of God that dwell within us. True peace, as with true hope, lies within us. It is a gift of our loving God.

We are surrounded by images of suffering all around the world. We are bombarded by the misfortunes and tragedies of the peoples in third-world countries that society has left behind. As troublesome and disturbing as these images and reminders of Humanity’s disregard of God’s word. As sinful as these are, when we pray, we must flee, be silent, and be at peace when we open our hearts to God’s words. Our silence is our source of strength in prayer.

Gracious, Loving God, as we enter our quiet spaces this morning and lift up our prayers and praise to You. We open our hearts listening for Your words, feel Your compassion, and follow Your invitations to heal others.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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