Praise the Lord; how many times have I heard that. It sounds just like a good luck charm. What a shame! My idea of praising the Lord is manifold.

Primarily, I accept what St. Paul says when he says that Jesus himself is peace. This is the first concept we have to accept if we want to offer praise. Be peaceful; peace in all we do. Peace for all humanity and all of God’s creation.

Next, we must bow down and worship, kneeling (if possible) before the Lord our creator. Silent prayer is what I believe God listens to the most. My prayers are silent; I ask for nothing; after giving thanks for a new life each morning, I let my mind be absorbed by God’s presence within me. I let God speak to me in prayer. This is a powerful way to pray.

Finally, when praying in church, synagogue, or temple, sing (or chant) a song to God. Singing God’s song is one of the greatest way group prayer works. In my Episcopal church, the psalms we sing are praises to and not requests from God. God listens; God Loves; God loves our songs and chants to Him. In the songs and chants, God reassures us of His promises and His Grace and Care for us.

Praise the Lord – shh – Praise the Lord.


© Russell Kendall Carter

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