One More Prayer

During the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reminds us to let our lights shine among all people; then He says to glorify God. This is my daily prayer. What do I need to hope for when God’s Love is all around? This prayer liberates God’s creation from man’s tendency to bring decay to the earth and with the promise to God’s children to bring freedom and glory to celebrate His glorious rebirth to our world.

Glorious God, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of your Son, open all our hearts to the holiness of Your creation. We praise Your presence with us always. Allow us to share your salvation with all humanity. As it is said, “God in front of you, God behind you, God above you, God within you.” Our vision is that the entire world is Your sacred creation.

Dear God, my one more prayer is not a request or a thank you. It is a blessing for others. My all humanity feel the blessed love of God as I do.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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