When we are healthy humans, we can live well into our eighties, but only if we have the inner resolve to do this. This inner resolve is soul, and this soul is God, or at least God-given. I am a young seventy-eight-year-old man who suffers with chronic pain on a daily basis, but I am blessed to have the living God within me, giving me a strong soul to cope with life.

On a daily basis, I feel a thousand faculties of energy leap into my very being. This is a true gift of life in God’s presence. As Teresa of Avila reminds us, if we want to find God and all his promises, we must look inside ourselves for the divine presence that only God can give. God acts within me; however, I have to remember that my frame of time is not God’s time. Peter tells us that God is not slow to act or keep the Holy promise of eternal life. What we call a day could be a millennium to God. And what God calls a day is a millennium in our collective existence. The promise of God is eternal. Therefore, my soul, which is His possession within me, is also eternal.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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