Allow Me

I wrote his short prayer in 2019 as a part of my book Prayers and Meditations through the Holy Spirit.

Allow me

Allow me to give my gifts to the world

Sharing God’s Love with all

See all people as equal sons and daughters

Allow me to emanate His divine image

Lifting up my heart and mind to God

As the trees stretch their arms to the heavens

Allow me to be the example of God’s love and compassion

Asking nothing but to enjoy His presence

As those did who were healed by Jesus

Allow me to be consumed by God’s light

And walk in the way of His prophets

Hearing His voice in the call of the birds

Allow me to awaken each morning as the image of God

Seeing the His face in others

As I pray that they see His face in mine

Allow me not to be judgmental

Accepting all who God has made

Respecting all people, animals, and plants as His creations

Allow me to be generous and share Your Grace

Welcoming others to bask in Your light

As Jesus does with all Your children

Allow me to love others as You love me

Allowing me to love all whom I meet

People of all races, nationalities, and economic status

Allow me to turn my face to Your light

As the flowers do each morning

Receiving the life-giving love of Your presence

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