Teresa of Avila writes, “Beg our Lord to grant you perfect love for your neighbor and leave the rest to Him.” When God creates us, we receive the bond of togetherness. We draw strength only when we are together. In chapter eleven, Matthew writes of those of us who are heavily laden; “we find rest in the comfort of God and when we join together for strength.” When we trust and accept God’s comfort, we open the door to be welcomed and comforted by our peers. Our welcoming friends allow us to see ourselves for what we are, and what we are is perfection in God’s omnipotence, love, and truth. Ecclesiastes 4 reminds us that two are better than one and receives rewards for the togetherness.

To be honest with ourselves, radically honest, we recognize that nothing exists alone, and if we meditate, we use this time to discover our need to do something for others. In our times of meditation, God speaks to us, usually in the words we would normally use for us to understand God’s message for us. We learn that we cannot hold God close enough to us and close enough to others. We are insignificant when we are alone; however, when we belong to another or belong to a group, we are safer, stronger, and spiritually healthier.

This is God’s plan.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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