Be Firm in Faith

In the third Psalm, David cries, “Lord, I have so many enemies!” I have often felt the same way. Then I remember my absolute amazement of all the wonderful things that God does in and for my life. As YHWH saved the early Israelites from Egypt, I am comforted through my trials by God’s presence within me. Through prayer God gives me the strength to face these trials and promises that my very being is safeguarded.

There is nothing we can do to be more worthy of God’s Love. My faith is an assurance of the good in life. As the early Christians did, I use the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount to recognize the of all people, especially those shunned by man’s society. The Bible reminds us that the more we die to ourselves and our unnecessarily obsolete and strict rules, the more we will live in God’s TRUE light. As we receive God’s Love, we have love within ourselves to share with other members of God’s entire creation.

God gives us free will for a reason, allowing us to welcome the stranger and the forgotten sufferer. I worry not about doing what is politically correct; I by God’s Holy Commandments. AS I offer love to others, I receive their heartfelt blessings for God wants us to both give and receive from each other in the Holy name of Jesus.

I am firm in my faith because I know that the One whom I seek is also seeking me. I join God in knowing who I am and whom God knows me to be.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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