Reign of God

When we recognize that God dwells within us, we know what His will is, but cannot speak about in a natural way of conversation. It is a sense of comfort and security that is impossible to explain. God gave us Jesus first then the Holy Spirit to lighten our path, bringing us together in His single message of love and brotherhood. Our fruitfulness relies on our togetherness. Even though persecution, misunderstanding, and other forms of hardship seem to bar our ways, we know that our faith overcomes and eases many of these hurdles.

We listen for the reign of God; our faith comes from listening to His voice; now is the time for us to listen; it is time for us to recognize the damage we do to each other and the Earth. God spoke to us through Jesus and continues through the Holy Spirit; He has not left us; we may have left Him. Jesus told us to go into our quiet space to hear the Word.

My quiet space is everywhere I can hear God. I hear Him in the voices of my fellow humans; I hear Him when the birds sing for more food in the feeders outside our windows; I hear Him in the trees shivering in the cold winds of winter. His voice is all over; listen! When you hear the comfort enter your muscles, you know God is speaking. It is very easy; yet. . . it is very difficult. We choose!

I hear God whispering to me in my ministry to others. My ministry is to share His Love. Each of us share our blessings and ministries in a unique way, showing and spreading God’s Truth and Love. We are blessed when we are caregivers to others and our ability to listen to God’s voice grows as we share our ministries.

I prefer to pray in my special place; this gives me a sense of being in constant communion with God’s Truth and Light. However, sharing the Eucharist in church is a massive communal prayer that does and will reverberate throughout the world. Millions of people around our small globe sharing this common prayer brings the reality to us all that Christ is everywhere. . . always.

We celebrate the reign of God through prayer and when making our lives prayer-centered, we shine His light throughout the world.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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