A Prayerful Body

Prayers are wonderful exercises. They calm the soul and the body. Through prayer we renew our faith in God. Through prayer we heal our wounds and work through our wounds and pain. Prayer is and essential part of faith and faith is an essential part of prayer. Prayer allows us to watch; prayer allows us to dream.

When we read the Gospel, we realize that the Gospel is a prayer, and it lives within us. We know this by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Prayer allows us to take the time to notice God’s creation. Today, I watched an ant crawl across a blade of grass: such beauty; such grace; a gift from God.

We can make our bodies houses of prayer. Saint Paul tells us to pray continually. That is not impossible. Greeting a new person with dignity and love is a prayer. It is a gift from and for God. Prayer allows us to be happy every moment we live. And that is enough!

© Russell Kendall Carter

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