Trust the Vision

We know that all things come from God, and the Holy Spirit is always within us helping live the life God’s wants us to live by encouraging others to walk with us. It is not a lonely journey. All of us can evaluate, raise, and share our beliefs our words and our choices for this short life we live on Earth.

We are invited to use our unique God-given skills to make a beautiful life shared by all. God gives us the chance to join together in the safety of God’s loving embrace. We must put aside our egos and petty envies, for with these there is confusion and disharmony. Lay aside our foolishness and be thankful for the guiding light first brought to us by Jesus. We are not nourished by selfish acts and fearing others. By sharing and loving our lives are enriched by all that is beautiful in life. Be thankful, be trusting in God.

 © Russell Kendall Carter

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