The Bread of Life

Sunday morning, I was blessed to experience my grandson’s baptism at St. Chad’s Episcopal Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Seeing my grandson accepted into the body of Christ is a special ceremony to experience; however, I do want to reflect on the homily/sermon offered by Father Jeremiah, the Rector of St. Chad’s.

Jesus’ message, the He is the Bread of Life, is an important part of our journey following His footsteps. Through God’s Grace and reflecting His Glory on earth invites us to taste and see how we are one bread and one body in Christ’s Love. We need this bread of life that fulfills our God-given purpose in this life. The Bread offered by Jesus gives us the strength to fill the voids and rise from all that modern life tries to mire us with feet planted in barren soil, void of any fulfilling nourishment. This Bread is miraculous!

We all need this bread that Jesus freely offers; if we all share this throughout our life journeys, we are all stronger and our paths are less complicated with Jesus walking beside us. Praise be to God!

 © Russell Kendall Carter


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