Jesus Teaches

I do not know about you, but Jesus’ teaching on the Mount makes me look at my life and I am ashamed. Although I have spent years helping others, I have not done all that I could have. Fortunately, God gives me the grace to learn from my mistakes and misjudgments. I am a man who has no strength without God by my side. Mercy and truth guide my life. God’s Grace is my power because I am a mere mortal. God wants me to spread my love with all I meet.

 I believe God joins works with me to shed light on others. I give thanks unto the Lord for his presence and guidance and help when I am deficient toward others. I believe that Love is good, and God helps me share this love with others. We are lost when we leave God out of our relationships. When Jesus speaks of the forgotten in the Beatitudes, He tells us to care for others and do the best we can to help them. We are not perfect, but God loves us when we do our best.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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