My Whole Self

With the presence of God in my life, the wisdom in my mind strengthens my soul, the core of my heart. I am a faithful witness to God’s love; therefore, I have a treat all people as long-lost family, loving them unconditionally. With my strong heart, my ancient flesh flourishes because I serve God in all I do. Sharing God’s strength, bring His light and grace into my heart and my mind.

His Holy Spirit is truly upon me. With God within me, I am Holy, not by what I do, but by the presence of God. I open my heart and mind for God will teach me and lead me in my life. When I meditate God invites me into the thin space in my life allowing me to be close to His Truth. I leave my personal wilderness to share the gifts I receive with all whom I meet in life journey.

I am a faithful witness by being able to love all whom I meet for all of us share God’s Holy Spirit. For today in our besieged world, it is time for all to come together and live the life that Jesus wants for us. It is then that we will be able to enjoy the plea in our prayer, save me from my time of trial.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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