Living a Spiritual Life

     Living a spiritual life can be difficult unless we can adopt patience as a way of life. Only when our inner self attains dominance, or at least equity, with our material lives can we achieve any depth of true spirituality. When we allow nothing to separate us from God’s all-encompassing Love, we enter the realm of spirituality. We become a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit to live within us.

          As mortal man, I am nothing, but dust controlled by the wind. But when I open my heart to God, I become the great creation He has made. I become an image of patience and thanksgiving, sharing God’s Love with all humanity.    Spiritually, I am certain that I can never succeed unless all humanity succeeds. I know that as a mortal man, I sometimes have difficulty practicing this, even if I consciously work to succeed. I believe that this is the only thing preventing me from living a complete spiritual life.

          Each morning I awaken praying that I will be a sanctuary for the Spirit of God, sharing His eternal Love with all I meet and living a truly spiritual life.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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