Proverbs warns me that pride generates destruction. With pride I have no inner stillness; I can neither meditate nor pray; the Holy Spirit cannot consecrate my soul with God’s Love. I rid myself of pride to receive God’s great Mercy; this void opens my heart to receive His word; His Grace removes my false pride and fills my heart with Love.

I join the strength of the people who are guided solely by faith. I raise my thoughts to a higher level, giving hope and strength to the hopeless and the weak I meet each day. I give my life into God’s Hands, follow His Commandments, and share His Love.

It is when I feel that goodness coming only from God and is reflecting my actions toward those less fortunate than I am. I share my bounty with my brothers and sisters who suffer from our cruel society. Gracious God, allow me to keep pride at bay and follow your invitations only to love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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