The Power of Love

I have thought a great deal about the power of love this week. Reading the story of Maximilian Kolbe, I can only praise a true image of God’s love. When I was in the Marines in the 1960s, I knew that to sacrifice one’s life for another Marine was heroic; now, I believe it is what Jesus would have wanted of me. This is because God anoints us with the essence of life, and we must demonstrate His love by giving ourselves to assist others.

I live my life leaving all evil thoughts and actions behind only to offer love to all I meet. This is what God calls me to do daily. It is why I rise daily to experience the love of my wife of 54 years and to hear and see the beauty of God’s creation. I do not separate people into us and them. There is only we because we are one in God’s creation. God anoints us with love to share His grace with all we meet, human or beast.

When we speak words that help others, we share the blessed light of Jesus, glorify God. There is nothing that is more powerful within us than our words; we, therefore, must speak with love in our hearts and voices. When we do this, we create goodness in others and the world. By choosing love in our words, we reveal the presence of God within us and Jesus with us. We are made in His image and this image includes wisdom and when practicing love, we are truly glorifying His name, as Jesus asks in the Gospel of Matthew.

So, walk in God’s light of Love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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