Forgiving is something that we humans have difficulty with; sometimes I think we fear forgiving for what it may bring. Jesus teaches that the greatest commandment is to love God, but just as important to love one another as He loves us. Society makes us victims; but I am not a victim; I refuse to be. Society may try to hurt me, but it can never break me, because I am, as you are, a child of God with a soul created to love.

My soul is not perishable; my material body is. God raises my soul in Grace, giving me the opportunity to transform myself from a broken human to a perfect spiritual entity, my spiritual being. I will not call it a body. My spiritual body accepts me for who I am; it accepts you for whom you are. There is only love that brings us together; there can never be anger.

When we accept ourselves for who we truly are, we can forgive. I must add a qualification here. Jesus invites us to love others as ourselves. This means before we can love others, we must love ourselves. Before we can forgive others, we must forgive ourselves. To do this we must give up anger, anger at ourselves. Anger is a form of killing, and if we follow the ten Mosaic commandments, we know that killing is not allowed.

When we stop being angry at ourselves, we becomes closer to that perfect being that God creates; you know, the one who loves.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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