From the Mouth of Babes

I awaken each morning,

awed as a newborn seeing

the newness of the day.

I am not a perfect person,

but I know that as a weak human,

I am made authentic by the presence

of God in my life.

I am powerless whether

I will live another day.

The Grace of God is my protector.

I am authentic but not perfect;

God has allowed me to become

authentic in the frailness of my human body.

God forgives my misdeeds,

blesses me with His Grace.

I follow the teachings of Jesus,

fulfilling my duty to my fellow man.

I have worked at this for many years and

even though retired from a paying job,

I continue to serve through prayer and other ministries.

Wisdom has built her house within me –

that I may share God’s will.

When hard times visit me,

I do not fret . . .

or become alarmed.

I am always on my inner watch

and guard any negative or

forlorn thoughts

that enter my being.

As I do this,

I am as free as a child

frolicking in his play yard,

© Russell Kendall Carter

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