“Li gen la vi nan li” (Haitian Creole) There is Life in Her!

We are Not self-created; from before our birth, we are conceived by God; we are his property; we are redeemed by Him, and every day we are regenerated by Him. These are the three claims that tie us to God for our lifetime. But why does this matter? Because we live our lives as if we are alone in this world; we practice our greed; we practice not loving one another; we hoard. We elect leaders who will not allow people to have livable wages and to be self-functioning in their families as creatures of God.

As God’s creation, he asks us two things: to love him and to love one another as ourselves, not love one another as we love ourselves, but to love one another as ourselves. This means that we must see others as if we were that other, which means that when we see this lonely man sitting on the side of the road with a cardboard sign that says please help and we disregard him, we are disregarding ourselves, condemning ourselves to a life of poverty and hardship. We merely fail to realize how our personal futures are affected by out lack of brotherly love.

Women are especially important to God; this was often shown through the actions of Jesus. He elevated women to a greater stature than society allowed them. From the woman at the well to the blessing of Mary Magdalene as she met Him outside of his tomb. God blesses women as the humans who bring new life into this world. Women are immortal. There is something inside of women that will last throughout eternity. Through women, God creates life. “Li gen la vi nan li” There is life in her!

Mothers answer when you call; mothers strengthen and teach children to life. God gives the world women to nurture, to love, and to bring all humanity to the love of His tender mercy.

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