Freedom with a Yoke

Jesus asks us to share His yoke. This is not a constricting device that the term implies; it is more of a voluntary union that we can accept, a union built on freedom. I again must change the meaning of a word; freedom does not mean running amok from one idea to the next; the freedom I speak of is the freedom to know that our cares are not solely our own. When we walk on the lighted path shown to us by Jesus, we are freed from the mundane worries that try their best to crush us under a load of false promises.
Our true personal freedom becomes a reality when we humble ourselves, recognizing that there is a power greater than us. This frees us spiritually to investigate what lies ahead. When we believe that God will provide, as the Bible repeatedly offers, we are relieved of the fear of what lies ahead. Jesus repeatedly invited us to the realization that God always gives life to those of us willing to listen. Our world is full of people who hear, but do not listen. God’s rivers flow with living water.
The Psalmist repeatedly reminds us that God knows us, knows what we say before we utter the words. This should be a comfort for us. I don’t think there is a person alive who really thinks he or she knows themselves. We think we do, but too often we find that we are doing things we never thought we would do. How many of us begin planning one career goal, only to find that we are heading in a different direction? There is not a word that I say or a step that I make that God does not know about beforehand. God may not make us do a certain ting, but he does open doors for us to go through. 
God always gives eternal life to all who are willing to listen. When we encounter Jesus in our prayers and daily lives, our hearts swell, giving us the promise of God’s eternal life. God is not some distant imagined deity sitting on a mountaintop sending down selfish edicts to his minions. God is the living truth within, comforting us in times of trial, and lifting us above the mundane pressures of our world. Once we accept this, we are enriched with a comfort, an unexpected ease in our hearts and souls. 
When we accept God’s true light, love, and presence, our lives are enriched and eased by an inner emotion of confidence.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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