Personal Ministry

     One of the gifts of Easter is the invitation to serve one another. This is made truly clear in the scene in the upstairs room when Jesus kneels to wash the feet of his apostles. We need this scene; we need this scene to stay in our minds, otherwise our need, our need, will never be truly realized. 
     This is not to say that we serve others for our benefit; we serve others, for Jesus showed us the way. Our compassion for others always, always leads to something greater. When we sit with our brotherhood and sisterhood, we are emulating Jesus in being a servant of God to the needs of others. And, in doing so, we establish what I call our personal ministry.
     I have found that when ministering to others, the pain they feel, and the pain I feel, turns our heartaches and sadness to the richness of community and love. We are all in one Love, the Love of God. It is the foundation of humanity and the only way we can build universal love for mankind and for all of God’s creation, this pea-sized orb floating in space, our bright light that brings warmth to our bodies and ourselves. 
     We are trees loving and living beside the clear, flowing rivers . . .  growing love and spiritual nourishment in God’s Eden of Love. God’s compassion for humanity allows us to share this holy compassion with all mankind; we are spurs driving life to move forward. The love we share through our ministry is the fruit of the love and healing power of Jesus. We are invited to bring His fruit to His people.
     We may weep for the loss of our communities during this time of isolation, but may we also use these tears to enrich God’s tree of love.

© Russell Kendall Carter

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