Dangling Conversation

 Imagine being in a story with Abram;
 an infinity ago.
 God speaks to him, changes his name,
 not for his sake, but for ours.
 Listen as  Abram did,
 not with ears, but with
 heart, with soul, with strength, 
 but mainly with mind.
 Listen and see with thy heart;
 walk with the ears of your heart - 
 wide open.
 Listen – be doers, not just listeners.
 Pray the word, returning,
 to the path of life;
 God speaks – we then are refreshed,
 But we understand not.                                                
 We ignore wisdom,
 playing to our prejudices.
 Like Peter, we deny the Word,
 deny the path laid before us.
 We ignore where Jesus leads us,
 being flattered by what we are called.
 This is not about us being better than we were,
 but better than we can be.
 God leads us to places we fear to go,
 but we go, listening, stepping carefully,
 fearfully - 
 rewarded by peace, by grace, 
 by Love.
 © Russell Kendall Carter 

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