Oh! The Great, Unique Experiment

 The Land of Opportunity;
 The United States of Actors;
 Hypocrites all, pruning,
 posing before cameras;
 Taking firm stands on issues;
 only changing -  
 when the weather does!
 Called a Christian nation
 praising the rich, the powerful;
 oppressing color, gender;
 oppressing the poor;
 following Jesus to the bank - 
 not the Temple;
 turning it to a den of vipers;
 turning churches into places
 of money changing, places of trade;
 the selling of tithes
 to the dealers of the
 Three-Card Monte!
 Calling to defund education;
 defund healthcare;
 lower the minimum wage - 
 all practices approved by Jesus!
 So . . . they say!!! 

© Russell Kendall Carter

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