Diamonds! Everybody has them, too many to count; but we walk around keeping them hidden. We listen not; we hear not; we share not. Our diamonds are hidden , in a jewel box, or a safe, out of touch, out of reach, out of sight. Our diamonds are hidden by our pasts, by our fears. 
 We dress in them, in our ears, in our noses, hanging on a change, or around our wrists. We show them off; see, I am rich, rich with my diamonds. Sometimes we put them on the soles of our shoes. Then we return them to our hidey-holes. Hidden, worthless; we think they have value. We think we are rich. How blind we are.
 Take them out; give them away; give them away. After this, look around; see all the diamonds you have. More than before, give them away. If we don’t keep them, we have more, many, many more. Our diamonds are not baubles to hide and bring out only when we try to impress. If we hide them, they fade away and are worthless.
 Our diamonds come from within. They are treasures meant to share. The more we give them away, the more we have. We sparkle like diamonds when we share.

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