Pray this Advent

 Our ever-present communication with God,
 we pray without ceasing
 living our life as Jesus evinced,
 awaiting God’s response,
 which forever comes.
 Leaving anxiety and affliction
 to wander alone apart from us,
 we receive God’s compassion,
 immediate, everlasting
  joy, and gladness.
 Our humility in prayer
 accords power, love, and self-discipline each day.
 The Holy Spirit is forever,
 ever present with divine comfort;
 we dance to its music,
 keeping awake, alert, and forever
 conscious of God’s presence in our lives. 
 We are freed from our problems
 when Jesus walks alongside.
 God hears our prayers
 and always answers, 
 unceasingly, but in His time
 not ours.
 Pray – listen with God. 

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