Look in the eastern night
 Look, the Christmas Star
 The darkness it breaks
 Its radiance brings eternal light
 This light pierces a heart
 God’s Love and Peace within us wakes
 We await with patience this true light
 Knowing control is not by us
 Kairos time requires prayer
 And patience during night
 God’s presence we do trust
 with The Holy Spirit we do share
 a patience opens our deep poverty,
 the Love of God we receive for free
 Brought by the zeal of Jesus
 Our poverty recognizes why
 God chose poor shepherds three
 To announce His Son among us
 Patience recognizes goodness
 of which He does impart
 We are patient; we are strong
 God assures we get no less
 We await the rebirth in our hearts
 We await the beautiful a life long

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