Comfort in this Blessed Season

 The history of the universe
 is the rising of God’s creation;
 we are blessed, for
 humanity only creation of God
 given the beautiful invitation to 
 care for His creation.
 We anticipate the coming of Jesus
 bringing God’s comforting Grace.
 We live lonely in our nights
 of isolation and fear;
 but the peace of God promises comfort.
 Be calm; God’s help is near;
 Jesus brings mercy and truth
 as God’s forgiveness
 comforts us in holy peace.
 We learn with the presence of Jesus
 of God’s patience and Love
 and promise of eternal healing.
 Jesus assures that all will be well,
 keeping us faithful to our journey
 in God’s comforting and merciful light.
 When we live in God’s promise and joy,
 we share our love;
 we are tender and kind.
 We walk forward receiving His
 blessed water of life and are
 comforted by this free gift.
 We share His joy, His light
 as we love both God and His creation.
 Through reconciliation, mercy, forgiveness
 we offer love and peace on earth
 to both neighbor and family
 living faithfully in His light.
 Come forward,
 be comforted by God’s free gifts.
 Our darkness of the winter solstice
 ends with the fast-approaching
 birth of Jesus, our Christ, our Messiah.

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