Our God is Faithful

His Son is called The Word, The Word of God

We know we are blessed and righteous creations for God has so declared. Henceforth, we follow the command He gives to Peter to stop calling what He makes sordid or corrupt; all God makes is unblemished; it is perfect; and God makes everything. Being righteous sons and daughters of God does not make us proud; for God humbles us when we pray, lifting us to great heights. I am not proud for my accomplishments during my life are truly gifts of God freely given and graciously received.

I pray, and in my prayers, I listen for God’s words. Without these words, I cannot pray. God gives me the words when I pray for others; without these , I could not pray to benefit of my brothers and sisters. I know that when I mention a person’s name, God hears and accepts my prayer as a blessing for whom I pray. Words are not necessary.

Expert theologians profess that all scripture is given by the inspiration of God. This is undeniable and obviously true. Our prayers are as the scriptures, inspired by the Love and Truth of God for humanity. The Holy Spirit looks over our shoulders as we pen our prayers for others, hearing our silent thoughts of love and compassion. All love and compassion given by God.

Therefore, I pray Father hear my silent voice as I listen for your loving assistance in my prayers. Your love conquers my timidity in prayer. As Revelation enlightens us, “I saw heaven standing open and thee before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.” I pray that I walk in God’s faithful and true light.

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