The Joy of Little Things on This Thanksgiving Day

Jesus walked the earth 2000 years ago; and He dwells within me today. While on earth, He healed the sick, comforted the suffering,  loved, healed, blessed all, forgave all sins, and welcomed all to God’s Kingdom. He lived a simple life, and by following His lighted path, I too can enjoy the simplicity of His life.

When I walk in God’s Love, nobody can harm me. I surrender to God, and learn to live a more faithful and trustful life, recognizing that I am all merely clay formed from the earth by the perfect crafting of God, the master potter.

I stand before Jesus, recognize his human imperfections, and rejoice in his spiritual perfection, God’s Christ, our Christ. I accept the mercy  and goodness offered without restrictions. In Christ and God, I take refuge and live in the support freely offered for my own shortcomings.

I praise the Lord our God with my whole heart, my whole soul. I am delivered from the evils of the world that want to harm me.

Like the Psalmist, I will scourge of the wicked and terrible influences that surround me. I praise the Lord with my whole heart; and I will bless our food in thanksgiving for the grace and blessings of our family, near and far. My love for God and all his creation is everlasting.

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