Spiritual Certainty

Leonard Ravenhill said, “A sinning man will stop praying, and a praying man will stop sinning.”

 Sometimes I wonder if we have not reverted to the Biblical place of Tarshish. Let met explain; Tarshish is the mystical place of uncertain location; we are wandering in the desert, searching for that which is within us. We search for the long arms of God, not realizing that they are short and within us.

Once we realize this, we raise our voices in joy because we have found His lighted path. We are in His grace. Even though we are quarantined in our lives, we embrace each other spiritually, possessing the sweet kisses of God, as He envelops us with Love and Tenderness. As we embrace each other, even spiritually, we pass through the Holy Gates of God’s true heaven, inheriting His goodness.

Even though the Psalmist warns us that the unprincipled leaders will punish us for our good deeds, we are revitalized by our meekness, service, and love toward the poor and needy. God blesses us with the inheritance of His eternal comfort. Unknown to the those reprobates with their Praetorian guards is the understanding that by living in God’s world, walking His path, and serving His beloved people, we are living in the passionate life of Christ, which the wicked can never know.




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