Meet My Sister

I try to hide from Her, but every time I look for something new, something I really do not need or should have, I run right into her, face to face. My searches always end laying in Her lap. I have not lost Her; I just keep finding Her.

She says to me, “Keep My words, you remember, the ones to live by.” “If you do, I will forgive all you have done wrong to Me.” She is so good to me. She gives me all I need to succeed. All She asks is to love Her.

She asks me to be unpretentious; when I am, I draw Her closer to me. My sister’s name is Wisdom, but some call Her Athena. I do not mean intellectual wisdom; I mean wisdom of the Heart The closer I get to Her, the easier it is to find God. all God asks is that I keep His words in my heart, and He will clear away all of my wrongdoings, allowing me to be sincere and open-hearted with my fellow sojourners in life.

I fear no more, because both he good and the bad in my life brings me centered in my search for Jesus; my prayers bring a closer relationship to God. Sister Wisdom teaches me to be meek in my dealings with others; this leads to a restful soul and heart in my life with Christ.

My sister’s name is Wisdom; She brings me closer to God.

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