Go and Bear Fruit

Go and Bear Fruit

“I chose you and appointed you that you

should go and bear fruit,” John 15:16

God gives us plentiful gifts:

Love, Life, Grace.

We live with these gifts

that enrich our lives.

These gifts allow us

to Be true followers of Jesus,

to be friends with Jesus.

But being thankful not enough;

we are invited to take these gifts,

share them with others, with all we meet.

This is what Jesus means,

when he asks us to

go and bear fruit.

As Jesus was, we are . . .

created in God’s image.   

When he looks at mankind,

He is looking into a mirror.

Seeing His wonder and grace in us,

our awe is magnified by His love.

This is why Jesus commissions us to

go and bear fruit, to allow

others to see our good deeds,

which come from and

glorify God, our Father.

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