We Listen, but not always Hear

We Listen, but not always Hear

Jesus responds in His time  

and in ours,

as does God, but

we are impatient, misunderstanding,

because we are human,

as the apostles were.

The apostles did not hear

the parables, Jesus’s lessons in listening;

Jesus always mentions their lack of hearing;

the answers given in the parables,

they may not have known the questions.

Faith and prayer are our listening times;

God answers but we always do not hear.

We are not ready to listen;

we listen but do not hear;

we are Jesus’s new apostles.

When lying in pain,

we are unable to pray.

God feels us in pain;

Listen and hear’

we receive God’s voice through hearing,

not just listening;

His mourning prayers are made for us.

Jesus’ parables contain the answers;

all we have to do is listen, and hear!

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