The Divine Shepherd

The Divine Shepherd


I am many people:

a son, a husband, a father,

a teacher, a prayer leader,

a poet, a writer,

many people in one body,

My one body is a flock,

fulfilled by God.

I lay my head in a field of green,

surrounded by the brilliant hues of nature.

I drink from the fresh waters

of the babbling creeks;

I am fulfilled by their nourishment.

I walk on His lighted path;

But sometimes stubble into the shadows,

fearing nothing,

for the strength of my being

is comforted by God’s presence.

Even though there is peril

surrounding me,

I am calmed by the fruitfulness

of His bounteous earth.

My humble earthen cup

is filled by His grace,

happiness and grace satiates my life.

. . .

“and I will dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.”







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