Night Visitors

Night Visitors


Lying on my rooftop in East Orange,

dreaming as I looked skyward;

in the night sky I saw a single figure.

He was surrounded by an emerald light.

He appeared to me especially, for no one else could see him.

He told me he is my healing protector and also will teach me

to be mirthful, to be filled with love and be able to laugh,

especially at myself.


He said his name was Raphael!


Then I saw a winged figure swoop from the night sky.

He told me that if I stand on my two feet,

he would be there to give me strength,

but only if I believe in myself.

He would be with me to guide me in a (soon to be) difficult world,

and, he instilled within me a positive attitude.

He said he is a hidden god,

one of purpose and organization,

a permanent god of good fortune.

I must not let feelings of pessimism, selfishness, greed,

injustice, power, and abuse govern me;

he told me that I cannot live in a state of depression,

all of this instilled positivity into my very being.


He said his name was Elemiah!


I saw two more figures sweep from the skies to visit me.

One said she would help me control my emotions and my feelings,

but I must allow these emotions to govern my actions and thoughts.

She said this is a virtue I must develop this potential as a man,

to be a kind person to all the people I meet,

to be open to people of all kinds, leaving no one behind.


Her said her name was Caliel!


Her companion was an impressive figure floating before me;

he was a little scary with a massive wingspread, . . . at first; he said he was the guardian  who will lead me into the world of thought.

He says he will teach me to be a person of intelligence


He said his name was Haaiah!


At his point Caliel said to follow Haaiah but remember

those who do not share my blessings.


I don’t know what to make of these visions.

I asked others about who these visions are and what they mean.

Relatives and friends laugh and say that I was only dreaming;

Even today after 70 years, my religions leaders don’t know!


On a clear night, I sat out on my front porch looking at the clear night sky.

I saw a million stars; I thought that maybe, just maybe, each star

was another sun with planets surrounding it,

and on one of these planets there were beings just like me,

confused and visited by these figures, by these images

of beings we cannot understand.


I brought back a thought I had when I was that seven-year-old,

lying on an old roof on an old building in New Jersey.

Could these be special messengers sent by God,

to help me, to develop me to what I am today?

Were these four images angels, sent by God to be with me,

to guide me through the hazards that visit me through my life?

Were these four the special angels that I felt around me,

as I lay on an operating table, or recover from a physical or mental problem?


Were these the angels that brought me to the girl I married,

You know, the one who I dreamed about as a young man,

and comforted me throughout my life?


Were these the angels that gave me wonderful children?

And grandchildren?

And friends?

And neighbors?


Are these the angels that will swoop down and deliver me

to the foot of God when I leave this earth?


These comforting thoughts relieve my fears . . . of my future,

of my children’s and grandchildren’s futures,

of the future of the planet we call Earth,

the earth that God used to create my ancient grandparent,

And to which I will return, under the wings of these, my guardian angels.


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