Jesus Said, Eat – Drink

Jesus said “Eat,” “Drink.”

Eat, drink, simple invitations Jesus asks of us. He doesn’t say we have to; he invites us to share in his love and God’s love. We don’t need to think about this; the invites are clear. There are no preconditions, as some demand. Jesus didn’t come to bless the priests; he came to bless the sinners. He came to bless us.

Through Jesus, we understand that God loves all of his creation. He doesn’t take sides; he doesn’t punish; He is a loving parent of us all, no matter where we live or what we look like. All faces show the beauty of God. God looks into our hearts and sees love; all we have to do is turn that love into action. That’s why I begin dialogues with strangers. I want all to be happy and friendly. Everybody wants kind words and friendly greetings.

If God accepts all of humanity, can we do any less. None of us are perfect. None of us know all there is to know. God wants us to take our imperfections, overcome them, and try to bring the most good to everyone and everything.

We are now immersed into a very caustic political battle over who will be our next president. We all take sides; this is natural. What we have to realize is that both sides of the issues are right; and, both sides of the issues are wrong. Both sides have good points; both sides have bad points. Some we agree with; some we don’t. Neither side is evil.

If both sides are imperfect, that doesn’t mean that those we disagree with are bad; they just do not agree with us. We have to respect them, because God loves them just as much as God loves us. We are all his children. We all drink from the same holy cup and share the same holy bread.

God blesses all! We don’t need to think; just eat . . . and drink! As Jesus asks.

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