Look to heaven;

blue skies bring the sun;

white clouds add beauty

to God’s wonders.

Dark clouds bring

life-giving rain,

feeding our soil,

feeding our flocks,

feeding ourselves.


Look to the earth;

rich soil brings us

the food we eat.

Soil brings us trees for shade

And beauty.

The soil accepts our bodies when

we are called to God.


The heavens and earth

are full of God’s grace.

We are its shepherds.

We must preserve it

for our children;

we must preserve it

as God preserves us.

We must preserve it

as a lustrous gift of God.


As I look to the heavens

and the earth,

I realize that I am

but a grain of sand on the beach,

a grain of sand

preserved in God’s Love

preserved and caressed

by God

God is my past!

God is my future!

God is within me . . .


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