God gives us the ability to wonder; it is one of our greatest gifts. We need to live the miracle of our lives, every moment of every day. Yes, we have to balance the idea that we are children of God and mortal human beings; we have our weaknesses and our limitations, but with the gift of wonder, we see the greatness of our lives, the truth about ourselves and the truth about everyone else.

             Wonder gives us the wisdom of nature, the beauty of the rest of God’s creation, the creation worthy of dignity, honor; when we wonder in awe of nature, we see the truth about ourselves, other human beings and every other living thing on earth. We are all children and equal in our individual beauty. We all have an inner voice that belongs to God. He puts words in our mouths and words on our pages; we are covered by the Shadow of God’s forgiving being.

            We deport ourselves with kindness in the face of every creature of God, toward the flowers and crops, and trees, to the air and water. We are living in a time where so many of our certainties are being destroyed by our money-hungry leadership. We are exposed to too much by social media, and we know too little. We have to give great effort to live kindly. Trust in God’s work, no matter how slow it seems to come to us.

God is my shepherd, I need nothing. He allows me lie down in green pastures. He leads me to quieter times and refreshes my very being. He guides me along the right path. These honors, I respect and cherish. The desert fathers and mothers of first-century Christianity knew, as we should today, that God is always with us. They physically withdrew to the deserts to escape the falsehoods of the Roman Empire; we cannot do the same today. Our leaders are ever present in our lives with their destructive ideas and lack of faith in God. Our prayers for these leaders bring calm to our inner voices.

I pray that the wonder in all that is good is that I have can overcome the unreliability of our leaders, and I do not have to seek the desert for safety. God has given me an inner freedom that is a place of mystical conversion, where the structure of my old self dies, and my new self is born to be a representative of love for all of creation.

If you also wonder how great your inner peace can be, meditate on God’s goodness and the presence God has in your life. You may also wonder at the goodness of God and all creation.


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