Denying Temptation

Denying Temptation
            In our lives, we rarely follow what is asked of us by Jesus; we also ignore the teachings that appear in what we refer to as the Old Testament. God’s presence is always within us, if we are prepared to recognize and listen. God give us rest, when we are stressed our oppressed. He knows us by name, since before we were born. What is true is that God is true in us. We need to sense this intuitively, not intellectually. To me this is what we refer to as a no-brainer.
            Because we are creations of God, we are empowered to create more love in this world. We need to demonstrate and practice compassion in everything we do in our daily lives. This is the blessing we receive to share that comes from God. When we give and practice to everyone and everything, we are giving back to God what is given to us. God creates from within us, and these creations are eternally growing and changing life for the best there is. We have many gifts and many ministries to share.
            Thank God for that!!!

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