We can only Understand the Past

We can only Understand the Past


We cannot know what lies before us in our lives; nor can we understand why the future happens. The only thing we can understand is what has already occurred; for this reason, philosophers argue that life can only be understood backwards, but we must live life forward if we are to be successful in our quest to life the life that God wants of us.

We hope that our lives are filled with goodness and purity and a strong faith in our God. We find God, only when we recognize that God is in everything we see, every person we meet. If we cannot see God in the face of others, or in the plants and animals we see, then we are not of faith, we are of derision. The more we want to find God, the easier it becomes, because He is all around; and, He is within us.

We feel that God has deserted us, when we face hardships or perils. The dark days we face are made easier when we realize that God is always with us, and the only way we survive these times is through the guidance that God gives us. In every turn of our lives, God defeats the evil that lurks around the corner to catch us in its grasp. We only have to accept God in our lives.

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