Paying Attention

Paying attention

            Many times, I ask what I pay attention to; most of the time I am at a loss. There are so many distractions that surround my life that I often think that if I were a swimmer, I would be accused of treading water; in other words, getting nowhere. When I was teaching, I knew where I was going and what I was doing; it was easy. I had many students that I was mentoring, preparing them for college, or while teaching in college, preparing them to complete their majors successfully. However, now that I am retired, I often wonder what purpose my life has!

            About one year before I retired, I devoted my life to helping others, and not as a teacher or professor. I have always been active in prayer in my church, so I asked God if this is what He wanted for the remainder of my life. I have not heard from Him. At least, magic words were not whispered in my ears. But, I am writing prayers and poetry devoted to prayer. I am a member of three different prayer groups at my church. And, I am a Stephen Minister, who prays daily for several of men and women in church who are suffering.

            God has delivered many messages to humans; most we ignore. He calls us His children; all of us. We cannot be infantile children and ignore His words; His words are life. If we heed His words, our lives will be turned upside down by goodness, which is much more valuable than any other thing. When we listen to what God says, we find the promise of peace within ourselves. When this peace is within us, we bring this peace to others, just by our actions. Living with this peace in our hearts, is its own consequence; everything is viewed through this lens of calmness, giving the appearance of everything a new outlook for us.

            We can only do this by paying attention to what God says to us. I find that meditation allows me to do this. Meditation allows me to recognize the reality of life in its simplest form, without the influence of troubling news, judgments of others, or the actions of those who want to destroy man’s relationship with God. Pay attention; find peace within.

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