My Sabbatical

My Sabbath is Here.

My wife and I are taking a well-earned rest this weekend, enjoying sitting on the patio of our hotel at Virginia Beach. I am presently watching two teams playing volleyball just below our patio. Many people are walking the boardwalk and the surf line. I will do that later. I am also listening to the jets fly over us from the naval air station behind us, as they go out to sea for maneuvers and ship landings. They’re loud but not intrusive to my meditations of the beauty of God’s creations.

Not being a scientist, I am always amazed that the ocean and the tides continue day in and day out; I remember from my high school science that the position of the moon controls the tides. Although, I am probably remembering in error.

What I am thinking is that the beauty of the ocean, and the people enjoying the calmness of life in such an Edenic setting, is what brings us all to His majesty. I sit here watching and listening. The cawing of the terns reminds me that just because I am relaxing, the birds are in their constant search for food. Nature never rests.

We are very fortunate as humans to be able to store food to eat later; although I am watching a homeless man being escorted off hotel property. He entered to perhaps have a little food. We are too selfish to allow him to survive without paying. This is not God’s will. I am reminded of Jesus’s saying that what you do to the least of these, you do to me. I was Hungry and you did not feed me. Our Christian world is not following Jesus.

I thank God for his presence in our lives; I thank Him for the opportunity to sit back and relax. I pray to him that modern societies will discard the harsh covetous practices it has perfected and open our hearts to those left behind by greed. Please God, help us find our way.

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